CISO & Cybersecurity Practice Leader

With over 25 years of experience, Chris has developed and led multiple Information Security and Risk Management programs in highly regulated environments including banking, healthcare, and manufacturing. He has designed, implemented, and audited complex global environment for technical, administrative, and physical privacy and control elements. Chris prides himself in taking a risk-based approach to solutions and in his ability to see the “big picture.”

Security Assesments

Lucidia IT assesses and identifies potential threats and vulnerabilities within your environment. Our proven strategy will help to identify, manage, and control risks while supporting and enhancing your business strategy while ensuring compliance with industry and regulatory standards.

Virtual CISO

Information security professionals can be expensive and difficult to find. Small or medium sized businesses may not have the resources available for full-time cyber security professionals, yet still face the same threats and regulatory requirements as anyone else. Our professional services can help to develop, manage, and lead your information security program without having to hire a full-time dedicated resource.

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