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Contact Center Lead

With over 24 years of contact center experience, Audra has served as a contact center agent, supervisor, director, trainer, customer journey designer and industry trend expert. Audra has more love for the contact center space than Cupid does for Valentine’s Day! She specializes in “call center tune-ups," analyzing report data, solution transformation adoption, customer journey discovery, and quality management. Her in depth knowledge and expertise is sought after by technologists and line of business stakeholders. Audra believes aligning the business requirements with the technology is the recipe for a win/win solution.

Contact Center Services

Business Requirement Discovery

We’ll take the time to learn where your business currently stands and where you’re headed. Our solutions are specific to your situation and your future goals.

Onboarding, Transformation, Live Support

We’re there every step of the way when implementing a new contact center. We offer live support to ensure the process is as quick and efficient as possible.

Report Analysis

Our team produces in depth reports so we can provide you a clear picture of performance and efficiency. This allows us to provide insight and recommendations to further improve your operation.

UAT Testing

User Acceptance is critical for the success of any contact center. We make sure that customers, agents, and management are up to speed with any solutions that we provide.

Call Flow Design Documentation

In addition to creating new call flow designs, we create thorough documentation for the solutions we provide. Having a good understanding of your call center system is critical for your success.

Customer Journey Experience Mapping

Tracking the customer experience from start to finish will help you make the most of each lead. We provide solutions that track each step of the customer journey including research, outreach, agent interaction, and conversions.

UCaaS & CCaas

When is the last time you tested your inbound phone number, email or webchat experience from your customer’s perspective?

If you answered never or it’s been a while, we recommend scheduling time for a look under the hood of your customer experience! Do you find yourself making the statement “We don’t know, what we don’t know”? If yes, our Customer Experience Solution Consultant can help you be in the know with the current solution OR help you explore your options!

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