Data Center Solutions

Data Center Practice Lead

Merrick Mossman has 20+ years data center systems engineering/architecture experience with leading hardware and virtualization manufactures designing multi-site consolidations, business continuity and backup & recovery platforms, and private cloud HCI solutions. What drives Merrick is helping customers find the inflection point of cost, technology and business requirements.

Hyperconverged Solutions

Let us show you how to automate operations with self-service of a private cloud built upon hyperconverged infrastructure

Data Center Compute

Server virtualization to HPC to VDI, we can spec and build the compute you need for your most demanding workloads

Data Center Networking

From switching to routing to laod balancing, automation and life cycle management, we can desing and implement a modern data center network architecture to support your critical applications and workloads

Storage Solutions

Storage selection depends on access, type, size, retention, availability, protection, and security, and we have the experience, tools and products to guide you through the complexity

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and Data Protection

DR, BC, and data protection all center on the same principles and often the same tools for application and data availability; let us help you architect the best solution to match your needs

Data Center Design and Migration

From local shops to globally distributed data centers, Lucidia can design the data center and can guide and assist you in your migration

Co-Location Assesment

Looking to move your on-premise data center to a co-located facility? Not sure which one to choose, which services each provide, what connectivity options are available? Let Lucidia help you. Our team of experts have the knowledge, tools and experience to help define your requirements and narrow the choice to facilities that meet or exceed those requirements. As your trusted advisor, we’ll provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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