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Cloud and Automation Practice Lead

James worked as a Principal Engineer in R&D developing new health care applications hosted completely in Azure using a PaaS first strategy. Automated Deployment of resources/applications utilizing Infrastructure as Code and Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines. Prior to building his first cloud offering, he was an Enterprise Architect responsible for all data centers globally including disaster recovery, virtualization, storage, compute, and compliance. James says he is "Looking forward to helping our customers with their journey into the "Cloud" and providing new solutions to existing business problems."

Cloud Strategy

With the endless possibilities offered by the cloud, we create personalized strategies to make the best solution for your business.

Data Storage

We will help migrate and store your critical documents and data safely on the cloud. Access control measures will ensure only the right people have access to your data.

Cost Optimization

Cloud costs can quickly run awry if a close eye isn’t kept on them. Only utilizing necessary services, choosing appropriate performance tiers, and setting usage limits are some of the ways we manage cloud costs.


A virtual network has many mechanisms to control the flow of information throughout your infrastructure. Our team will connect your data and devices in a secure and insulated network.


Security breaches are a constant threat in the digital landscape. Our accredited professionals will install counter-measures and actively monitor your network for threats in real-time.

Database Management

Databases hosted in the cloud will enable you to make the most of cloud services. Our team can safely migrate and manage your cloud databases.

Data Storage & Migration

When transitioning from a physical infrastructure to the cloud, data management is critical. Our cloud strategy is tailored to your needs, so your organization can maximize the benefits of switching to the cloud.

Cloud Applications

Modernize and automate your internal business processes by leveraging serverless functions offered by major cloud providers. Our team are experts in both Azure and AWS cloud services. We can help manage an existing cloud infrastructure, or build a new cloud infrastructure from scratch.

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